Study at Unisc

This Exchange program is designed for those who wish to develop academic and/or scientific research at UNISC. Researches may be developed in labs or in institutional projects through the aid of a lecturer. That is why foreign students may only research within their field of study.

Exchange programs in research may last up to 4 months.                  


  • Be 20 or older;
  • Be enrolled in a foreign Higher Education Institution;
  • Be interested in researching;
  • Have defined the field of study and how long the research will last;
  • Have good knowledge of Portuguese Language. Different levels of Portuguese skills are accepted depending on what is required from the lecturer that will be guiding the research.¬†

How to enroll

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Applications must be sent within 4 months prior starting the research.

Students wishing to apply for a research program must email AI ( the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Copy of the Passport;
  • School transcripts from their home institution;
  • Statement of Purpose describing the reasons why you are interested in doing your research at UNISC.

Student’s Responsibilities

  • Apply for a Student Visa;
  • Buy fly tickets ‚Äď roundtrip;
  • Living Expenses in Brazil;
  • Health Insurance covering the entire period the student is abroad;
  • Eventual expenses with equipment, supplies or academic tutoring to the research development.

After AI has received the complete application, the staff will contact the professor responsible to find the best period for the research activities and, then, they will get in touch to send students the Acceptance Letter and guide them through the process.