The Graduate courses (lato sensu) offered at UNISC focus on meeting contemporary trends, social needs, economical changes and technological breakthroughs, besides following specific institutional standards. Bearing all of this in mind, it makes the following opportunities available:


MBA (Master’s in Business Administration)

MBA is called in Brazil a Specialization Course and its key goal is training professionals - especially executives - giving them expertise in management techniques through practical and theoretical activities (field trips, case reports, and internships) and enriching their professional background through the exchange of experiences between professors and students. This is an executive generalist training course and it was designed to make professionals think strategically, manage, lead businesses, make decisions, develop financial analysis, apply marketing, interact with people, and apply these previous skills in a competitive environment.

Minimum course hours: 360.



These courses play the role of continuing education with professionalizing goals of deepening the professional’s knowledge, perfecting theoretical and practical competences and meeting real demands from the job market.

Minimum course hours: 360.


Continuing Education

The course aims at improving the knowledge of professionals who already own specific skills and competences, so they can develop and deepen new expertise linked to their degree.

Minimum course hours: 180 hours

UNISC is accredited by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) to offer Classroom and Distance Learning courses.


On Site Courses

Unisc offers each year more than twenty on site courses in different fields of knowledge. For more information about on site courses enrolling now, ongoing ones or even courses scheduled to start next year, please visit: (Information available in Portuguese only) or contact