Research and Innovation

The mission of the Technology Modernization Center of Rio Pardo Valley (PMT/VRP) is promoting, generating, managing and spreading technological and scientific knowledge focusing on local development. Thereby, it works on the interaction of technological demands from the local community and activities of research, extension and service provision performed by the University, contributing to production modernization and increased competitiveness of business organizations by meeting technological innovation demands.

For this reason, the Technology Modernization Center of Rio Pardo Valley - PMT/VRP has helped to meet local demands, especially in fields related to Food, Biotechnology, Environment, Materials, Health and Information Technology. This project has spread because of the joint efforts of the University of Santa Cruz do Sul, Regional Development Council, and other institutions from the local community. The project has also been supported by the Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, especially by bodies like the Economic Development Administration Department, Science and Technology Department, Research Support Foundation of the Rio Grande do Sul State, and other national founding institutions.

Operation fields of the Center:


- Food production processes;

- Quality control and development in products;

-  Crop diversification.


- Material Production Processes;

– Thermoplastic recycling;

– Design and quality control;

– Research on blends and polymeric composites.


- Management systems for cleaner production and clean technologies;

- Wastewater treatment;

- Water supply treatment;

- Waste treatment;

- Air pollution control;

 -  Recovery of Degraded Areas;

- Environment monitoring.

Information Technology

Information Technology:
- Knowledge management;

- Decision support systems;

- Information recovery;

- Process Management.

- Embedded systems;

- Industrial automation;

- Control Systems and Robotics;

- Programmable logic controllers.


- Human biodynamics;

- Cell and molecular biology and biotechnology;

- Human genetics;

- Pollution prevention and remediation technologies.


- Collective health;

- Health rehabilitation;

- Human biodynamics, Life Style and Family, School and Work Health.



Coordinator: Michele Braun

Phone number: (55-51) 3717-7527