Research and Innovation

Research activities developed at UNISC are interdisciplinary and seek to improve education, consolidate research groups, promote scientific research, strengthen relations with extension activities, advertise research activities, protect and appreciate knowledge, besides stimulating entrepreneurship, technological innovation and technology transfer.

These actions are guided by several lines intending to bring researchers closer to common investigation topics and encourage them to perform interdisciplinary and multidimensional scientific actions. The University fosters research activities providing them with financial resources, infrastructure and scholarships.

Nowadays, there are several opportunities available for technological and scientific research inside UNISC like the Research Groups. These are bodies certified by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and focus on setting researchers and students under the scientific guidance of other well-known researchers for the development of different studies.

The Institution also offers Research and Development Centers, in several scientific fields, that create, spread and apply knowledge, especially when it is related to the social, cultural and technological needs of local communities.