Study at Unisc


Unisc is a communitarian university located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and it is famous for its quality education. The institution relies on qualified lecturers and suitable infrastructure, besides modern laboratories available to all students, and a library offering a bibliographic collection of over 127 thousand volumes. It is a true paradise for the ones interested in learning opportunities.

At Unisc, foreign students will have the opportunity of learning in the areas of Exact, Human or Social Sciences in one of our 50 undergraduate and graduate degrees available.

Moreover, exchange students will have an intense academic experience in an institution known for its excellence in Education, which offers environments for full learning. Besides that, they will be able to interact with Brazilian Culture, improving their Portuguese Language skills and experiencing life in a true communitarian Brazilian University.

Therefore, students can choose to have their educational experience in one of the five locations UNISC has campuses on: coast, metropolitan area or even the heart of the Rio Grande do Sul State.

Services offered at the University

Foreign students will have access to all services offered at UNISC during their entire study experience. Some of these activities may include:

  • Sports gym;
  • Sports field;
  • Swimming pools;
  • Fitness center;
  • Dance classes;
  • Cultural activity classes;
  • Professional psychological and emotional support;
  • Computer labs and wireless system throughout the Campus;
  • Bibliographical collection, space and services available at the library;
  • Electronic equipment available at the institution;
  • Participate in cultural events;
  • Basic outpatient services (this service is available at the Main Campus only);

Besides all these services, foreign students rely on ongoing support from the International Office – AAII during their entire stay.