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The Innovation and Technology Transfer Center (NIIT) is responsible for managing and maintaining institutional policies for intellectual property rights and technology transfer processes to business organizations, and it has four main activity lines:

  1. Intellectual Property Registry

NIIT is responsible for registering Brands, Patents, Industrial Designs and software, besides other segments from the University's intellectual property. It also assists in preparing, filing and monitoring brands already developed by businesses themselves or indirectly bounded to the Institution.

The registration requests are processed through special forms and these allow NIIT to take the procedures needed, which include: researching patent and trademark databases to check for prior registry on the product, as well as analyzing the invention's technical and economic feasibility, if needed.

Moreover, NIIT monitors the entire registry process, after filing the trademark application, making sure all requirements are correctly fulfilled.

  1. Research, Development and Technical Solutions

In the Research, Development and Technical Solutions field, NIIT works towards presenting and/or developing technological solutions for different business companies through studies initiated inside UNISC and in partnership with Research Groups, Graduate Programs and the Information Technology Modernization Center.

Thus, every company wishing to find services that will help it to improve its existing products and processes, search for innovations or accomplish research projects in partnership with UNISC can count with NIIT.

  1. Technology Transfer

NIIT is responsible for taking the technologies developed inside UNISC to enterprises. It searches for potential researchers that will work on maturing these technologies in industrial scale, and works as a negotiator between University and business sectors. The process is entirely organized through permits, know-how transfer or bounded studies performed by NIIT and the company interested in these services.

  1. Human Resources Training

NIIT works towards promoting activities that will spread Intellectual Property at a University/Business level through lectures, courses, seminars and other events, and it aims at offering training in fields related to Intellectual Property and Technological Innovation Management to the local community.

Coordinator: Isabel Grunevald

Phone number: (55-51) 3717-7516

E-mail address: