The Rectory is a higher executive body that supervises, manages, coordinates and controls all university activities. The person responsible for it is the Rector and he/she is assisted by two Pro-Rectories and their executive offices, which are in charge of several activities contributing for the operation and development of the university. They are:


Rector Prof. Rafael Frederico Henn
Vice-Rector Prof Andréia Rosane de Moura Valim

Pro-Rectory of Academic Studies Pro-Rector Prof. Rolf Fredi Molz
Executive Office of Undergraduate Studies Director Prof. Giana Diesel Sebastiany
Executive Office of Research and Graduate Studies Director Prof. Adilson Ben da Costa
Executive Office of Extension and Community Relations ---------
Executive Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Director Prof. Rafael Kirst
Pro-Rectory of Administration Pro-Rector Prof. Dorivaldo Brites de Oliveira
Executive Office of Finance Director Prof. Fernando Batista Bandeira da Fontoura

Avenida Independência, 2293

Santa Cruz do Sul – RS Brasil

ZIP CODE: 96815-900

Phone number: +55 51 37177300