The Rectory is a higher executive body that supervises, manages, coordinates and controls all university activities. The person responsible for it is the Rector and he/she is assisted by five offices, which are in charge of several activities contributing for the operation and development of the university. They are:

  • Pro-rectory of Administration
  • Pro-rectory of Extension and Communitarian Relations
  • Pro-rectory of Undergraduate Studies
  • Pro-rectory of Research and Graduate Studies
  • Pro-rectory of Planning and Institutional Development

Avenida Independência, 2293

Santa Cruz do Sul – RS Brasil

ZIP CODE: 96815-900

Phone number: +55 51 37177300




Profª Carmen Lúcia de Lima Helfer

Phone number +55 5137177304


Prof. Rafael Frederico Henn

Phone number +55 5137177304

Pro-rector of Research and Graduate Studies

Profª Andréia Rosane de Moura Valim

Phone number +55 5137177348

Pro-rector of Undergraduate Studies

Prof. Elenor José Schneider

Phone number +55 5137177333

Pro-rector of Administration

Prof. Dorivaldo Brites de Oliveira

Phone number +55 5137177351

Pro-rector of Extension and Community Relations

Prof. Ângelo Hoff

Phone number +55 5137177347

Pro-rector of Planning and Institutional Development

Prof. Marcelino Hoppe

Phone number +55 5137177315