Unisc Sobradinho is located in Sobradinho/RS, a small town placed in the heart of the state. This campus has the following degrees available:Business Administration, Accounting Sciences and Law.

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Sobradinho has an economy based on agriculture and, thus, small rural properties can be easily found throughout the town. The most common crops cultivated there are Tobacco, beans and corn, followed by wheat, oats, soy and fresh produce. Beans grown in Sobradinho are excellent in quality, fact that has awarded the town with the title of "National Beans Capital”. Beans are so important for this community that a Bean Fest is held every year. This region also holds the biggest source of precious and semi-precious gemstones of the State. Its location allows locals to keep in contact with nature and ensure good quality of life. Moreover, there are several cultural and artistic activities taking place there.

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