UNISC is a communitarian institution rooted in Santa Cruz do Sul/RS, where its main campus is located. In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, South of Brazil, the university has over 20 years of experience in higher education and units in different places of the state. This shows a steady growth brought by the implementation of new courses and the construction of new facilities. UNISC is sponsored by an organization with over 50 years experience in education called Associação Pró-Ensino in Santa Cruz do Sul (Apesc).

Nowadays, more than 12 thousand students circulate throughout UNISC’s Campus. There are young people coming from different cities and regions. This proves the importance of the Institution for the development of the state. Together with the growth in courses and enrollments, came the construction of new campuses in different cities. Besides the main campus, located in Santa Cruz do Sul, UNISC has units in Capão da Canoa, Montenegro, Sobradinho and Venâncio Aires.

The University of Santa Cruz do Sul is an affiliate member of the Consórcio das Universidades Comunitárias Gaúchas (COMUNG), which is an association built by communitarian higher education institutions located in the Rio Grande do Sul State. Moreover, the university is also a member of the Associação Brasileira das Universidades Comunitárias (ABRUC), a Brazilian association for Communitarian higher education institutions, and a member of the Conselho de Reitores das Universidades Brasileiras (CRUB), a council built by rectors of Brazilian universities.

Internationally, UNISC is a member of the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (OUI) and is affiliated to the Brazilian Universities Forum for International Affairs (FAUBAI).

Acknowledged as a University since 1993, UNISC was built through collective efforts from the local community and this is still the action commitment of an Institution that acts in cooperation with different segments of society focusing on the importance of higher education as a social development resource.

UNISC is a university that is always in touch with the community. Besides, it has several projects and programs related to culture, sport, and the environment, UNISC has its own Communitarian Heath Unit. This place is responsible for offering health care to the general population, giving priority to those in situations of social vulnerability. The services are provided by our health students, who are assisted by their Professors. Health care is provided in different areas like nursing, physiotherapy, Medicine, Nutrition, Dentistry, and Psychology.