Study at Unisc

Academic Year

1st Semester: February to July (Classes finish on the first week of July)

Exam Dates (for those who did not reach the minimum grade to be approved): July (second week)

2nd Semester: August to December (classes finish on the first week of December)

Exam Dates (for those who did not reach the minimum grade to be approved): December (second week)

Application Deadlines for Exchange Programs

- November 30th - 1st semester or in two semesters

- May 30th – for the 2nd semester only

Application deadlines for Master’s, Doctorate and other graduate programs may vary. For more information, please contact UNISC.

Deadlines for the students to be at UNISC prior the beginning of the classes

1st Semester: February 25th

2nd Semester: July 30th

We recommend internship or research students to be at the University at least 3 days prior to the beginning of the activities.

Grading and credit system

Undergraduate and Specialization Degrees: Grade points from 0 to 10

Minimum passing grade points: 7

Passing grade points for exams: Failure: Grade points from 0 to 4.99 / Passed: Grade points from 5.0 to 10.0

Students with too many unjustified absences will fail the course taken.*

Master´s and Doctorate Programs: Grades A, B or C

Minimum passing grade: C

Minimum attendance: 75%.

Each academic credit corresponds to 15 hours.

Language used in Class

Every class at UNISC is given in Portuguese. That is why students need to have good Portuguese language skills prior to studying at the University.

While studying at UNISC - Santa Cruz do Sul or Venâncio Aires – students may take Portuguese Classes at CELINC. The possibility of free Portuguese classes for foreign students will depend on the agreement previously set between the students’ home institution and UNISC.

For more information, please contact CELINC at: +55 (51) 3717-7381 or

Those who will perform research activities or internships at UNISC will learn about the need of speaking Portuguese prior the beginning of their activities.

Documents required for Application

In order to apply for one of the exchange programs offered at UNISC, students must hand in the following documents to their home institution:

- Transcripts (courses and grades);

- Résumé;

- Picture;

- Copy of the Passport;

- Letter of Purpose.

- Application form correctly filled, signed and stamped by the coordinator of mobility programs in their home institution.

Documents required for Enrollment

Students must present the following documents and information in case they are participating in Exchange programs which require enrollment (exchange program of at least one semester):


*Parents’ names;

Zip code of the address the student is going to be living in Brazil;

* Copy of the transcripts showing courses already taken in the home institution;

*Passport and Foreign ID – originals;

*CPF (Social Security Card) – made in Brazil (AI will help)

* two new passport pictures in color (3x4).