Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Health Promotion

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Health Promotion

It comprehends topics like the interdisciplinary production of knowledge in promoting the health of individuals and populations, including social, cultural, human relations, clinical and health surveillance studies and researches. This line of research is based on broad concepts of health and its socioeconomic, epidemiological and cultural determinants. It also incorporates studies related to fields like human biodynamics, family health, school children´s health and worker’s health, diagnostic and clinical methods, environmental surveillance, epidemiological and sanitary actions, aiming at supporting interventions and reducing morbimortality, qualifying human development and promoting health and well-being.

Lines of Research

  • Lifestyle and family, school children and workers' health: it approaches the social and cultural context where individuals and populations live and where their human relations take place in life threatening and vulnerable situations. It includes, under the epidemiological and health education perspectives, studies about nutrition, mental health, and physical and leisure activities, especially the ones related to family, school children and workers, always focusing on health promotion.
  • Human Biodynamics: it approaches clinical evaluation methods, genetic, nutritional, biochemical and physical activity markers related to the health of individuals and populations. It studies the attention to hypokinetic, chronic-degenerative grievances and rehabilitation, always focusing on health promotion.
  • Health surveillance: this line of research approaches the context of environmental, epidemiological, sanitary surveillance, worker’s health, aiming at decreasing or preventing health risks of individuals and populations and interfering in problems related to sanitation, service provision and flow of goods, always focusing on health promotion.