Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Education

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The Graduate Program in Education – Master’s Degree and Doctorate aims at qualifying researchers from Educational field, developing studies and further academic activities that provide a dialogue between the different scientific and philosophical perspectives, besides deepening thoughts about education and life, training researchers to work at schools and educational institutions. Thus, it intends to build a field of study and propositions focused on questioning educational processes and actions, with a special view to regional demands, which have connections with national and international demands.


Target Audience        

Master´s Degree: For Undergraduate degree holders.

Doctorate: For Master´s degree holders.


Features of the future professional

  • Researcher-Educator attentive to the complexity of the educational actions in the contemporary society, which investigative attitude comprises the challenges of producing knowledge in the Educational field;
  • Educator-Researcher active on implementing permanent interdisciplinary culture focused on democratic and intercultural education;
  • Researcher-Educator open to subjectivity and sensitiveness dimensions, in other words, someone able to perform research and educational actions in an emancipatory nature.