Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Education

Language, Intercultural Experience and Education.

Education as an experience of teaching and learning in the creation of oneself and the world. Studies of different dimensions of language, technologies and interculturality in the field of education, considering the inseparability of imagining and living schools and other educational contexts.

  • Dr. Ana Luisa Teixeira de Menezes
  • Profa. Dra. Ângela Cogo Fronckowiak
  • Prof. Dr. Cláudio José de Oliveira
  • Dr. Felipe Gustsack
  • Dr. Sandra Regina Simonis Richter


Education, Labor and Empowerment

Studies on the relationship between work and education under the perspective of human empowerment and its historical, philosophical and sociological interfaces in formal and non-formal educational practices. It investigates political and management processes related to Education in organizations. It also approaches teaching work, social movements, life experiences, history and educational memory.

  • Prof. Dr. Cheron Zanini Moretti
  • Prof. Dr. Éder da Silva Silveira
  • Prof. Dr. Everton Luiz Simon
  • Prof. Dr. Moacir Fernando Viegas


Education, Culture and Production of Subjects

Studies about culture and production of subjects by problematizing identity-difference, relation between knowledge and power, and biopolitical strategies in educational field, approaching in an interdisciplinary perspective topics related to health, social assistance, ethnic-racial relations, gender and sexuality relations, childhood, inclusion, space, curriculum, public policies and teaching training.

  • Prof. Dr. Betina Hillesheim
  • Prof. Dr. Mozart Linhares da Silva
  • Prof. Dr. Camilo Darsie de Souza 
  • Prof. Dr. Willian Fernandes Araújo