Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Language Studies and Literature




The Graduate Program in Language Studies and Literature (PPGL) began in 2005, with the first class of the Master’s Degree. The area of concentration “Reading and cognition”, as well as the lines of research “Cognitive processes and textualization”, “Narrative, poetic and communication processes” and “Text, subjectivity and memory” guided PPGL up to 2016.

As of 2017, with the approval of the Doctorate, the area of concentration of the Graduate Program in Language Studies and Literature is described as “READING: linguistic, literary and media studies”, with three lines of research, “Literary and media studies”, "Studies of mediation in reading" and “Linguistic studies and cognition”.  



General Goal:

Consolidate the research linked to Reading fields at UNISC, in order to qualify human resources to work as teachers or researchers, as well as on specific activities related to Language Studies and Literature, Social Communication, Philosophy, Education and other related fields.


Specific Goals:

  • Build pluri, inter and transdisciplinary connections between knowledge inherent to Language Studies and Literature and the like, with regard to reading and cognition aspects.
  • Study reading as a meaning construction process, from theoretical perspectives and different types of text.
  • Consolidate the work performed by UNISC with the local community, aiming at a reading-focused education.
  • Train researchers to work in Higher Education Institutions, mainly in Language Studies and Literature, Social Communication and other related fields.
  • Prepare professionals to work in Elementary Education focusing on reading.
  • Train professionals to join teams and interdisciplinary projects (or transdisciplinary), which have the language as object of the study


Target Audience    

Undergraduate and Master´s degree holders in Modern Languages and related fields, like Social Communication, Psychology, History, Philosophy, Education, Law and others.


Alumni features – Fields of work

Professionals who own a Graduate Degree in Language Studies and Literature – Master’s Degree and Doctorate are able to work in the following fields/activities:

  • University teaching;
  • Research;
  • Development of Public Policies fostering reading in schools and Departments of Education;
  • Educational Guidance in several school subjects;
  • Advisory to communication means and/or journals specialized in literature;
  • Instructional course for writing and journalistic reviews.


Feature of the future professional: The Graduate Program in Language Studies and Literature – UNISC aims at training teachers and researchers to work in the field of Modern Languages, Social Communication and related fields, in educational institutions. At the same time, the program proposes the qualification of professionals who, by making use of the reference point of the Modern Languages field, improve their performance in relation to their specific field of graduation, based on studies and reflections about specific processes of language and literature.