Master’s Degree in Business Administration

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The Graduate Program in Business Administration – Professional Master’s Degree in Business Administration focuses on the business management field as a benchmark to the need of training innovative individuals capable of changing the reality around them by creating alternatives to solve problems within their constantly evolving organizational context.

A Professional Master’s Degree is a Graduate Program that emphasizes studies and techniques directly related to the development of a high-level professional training. This is the only feature that distinguishes this program from a Research Master’s Degree). A Professional Master’s Degree enables students to become academic lecturers.

This degree aims at empowering transforming, creative and innovative behaviors capable of understanding the universe of business management through activities performed inside classroom, applied researches, reading practices and didactic exposures and, thus, forming Master’s degree holders who will be able to modify the environment around them based on specific knowledge acquired during the program.  That is the reason why the Program welcomes students coming from different undergraduate courses, but at the same time, related to the business management field. 

Therefore, this Master’s program was thought to develop skills that will not only help professionals to understand management processes, but  make them capable of formulating hypothesis and finding action alternatives to increase efficiency and  improve organizational environment conditions and, consequently, society.

Syllabus and the fields of operation related to it were designed to allow us to outline the professional profile of those finishing this degree. Practices proposed in the different modules of the course will emphasize the development of alternatives and organizational innovation, based on problem analysis, solid methodological knowledge and scientific accuracy. Summing up, those who finish a Professional Master’s Degree in Business Administration will be highly skilled business management professionals capable of making decisions, from the point of view of methodological accuracy, besides being capable of innovating and changing the reality they work in, using advanced research conditioned by the structural framework of a business world in constant change.