Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Environmental Technology

  • Adilson Ben da Costa (LATTES) (ORCID)                                                                                      
    Doctor in  Analytical Chemistry – Federal University of Santa Maria - UFSM

  • Andreas Kohler (LATTES) (ORCID)
    Doctor in Biology - Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany  
    Post-Doctoral studies - Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany 

  • Eduardo Alexis Lobo Alcayaga (LATTES)  (ORCID)
    Doctor in Aquatic Sciences – The University of Tokyo, Japan;
    Post-Doctoral studies – National Institute for Resources and Environment, Japan
  • Ênio Leandro Machado (LATTES) (ORCID)
    Doctor in Metallurgical Engineering  - UFRGS
  • Jorge André Ribas Moraes (LATTES) (ORCID)
    Doctor in Production Engineering  - UFSC
  • Rosana de Cassia de Souza Schneider (LATTES) (ORCID)
    Doctor in Chemistry  – UFRGS
    Post-Doctoral studies - University of New South Wales – Australia


  • Adriane Lawisch Rodríguez (LATTES) (ORCID)                                                                                 
    Doctor in Engineering - Technological University of Berlim, Germany
  • Tiele Medianeira Rizzetti (ORCID)
    Doctor in Science - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, UFSM