Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Environmental Technology

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The Graduate Program in Environmental Technology – Master’s Degree and Doctorate has as general objective to consolidate the Research in the Environmental Technology Field and to qualify human resources, influencing and contributing to the sustainable regional development. Thus, it intends to graduate professionals focused on prevention and/or solution of environmental problems that affect society’s life and environment quality, with techno-scientific abilities and knowledge. The professional will also have the ability of generating knowledge and basic research to use in environmental management systems. 


Area of Concentration


The Environmental Management and Technology field seeks to qualify the students to deal with environmental problems in a pro-active way through the knowledge and use of management and technology tools focusing on the environment, promoting the sustainable development. Therefore, it aims to encourage students to have innovative ideas and technological base, focused not only on the practical solution, but also on the prevention of environmental problems originated from the industrial activities or society, on the sustainable use of natural resources and use of alternative sources of energy, among other innovations. The field still proposes the adoption of good practices with economic and environmental advantages.