Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Regional Development

Université du Quebéc à Rimouski (Canada)

The Graduate Program in Regional Development (in Portuguese PPGDR) of UNISC and the Doctorate in Regional Development of Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR) have a partnership agreement since 1999. The agreement has enabled a professor from PPGDR UNISC to carry out post-doctoral internship, and an alumnus to undertake a full doctorate in that institution. The agreement has also enabled the exchange of professors from both Programs to attend lectures, courses and conferences in Brazil and in Canada. The partnership has also contributed to UQAR professors to publish scientific articles in Redes journal – PPGDR, and UNISC professors in the Canadian Program journal. Doctoral students have carried out doctoral internship and other exchange programs in the Canadian institution.

Universität Innsbruck (Austria)

The partnership agreement signed with the Institut für Geografhie - Universität Innsbruck in 2013 aims at promoting the academic, scientific and cultural exchange of professors and graduate students, as well as conferences and courses between the institutions. Among other actions carried out through the partnership, from September to December/2013 the Master´s Degree student Christoph Huber, of Universität Innsbruck - Austria, attended courses at PPGDR-UNISC through the Academic Mobility Program. Also, in 2015, the researcher Martin Coy taught at PPGDR the course “Metropolis: the process of urbanization/metropolitanization and the challenges (urban) for the future” for students and professors through the Program Escola de Altos Estudos (School of High Studies) – CAPES. The partnership between the institutions enabled a professor to carry out a post-doctoral internship and a student of PPGDR-UNISC to take a sandwich doctorate in Innsbruck, as well as the exchange of undergraduate and graduate students of Innsbruck at UNISC. Agreed between the institutions, the first Winter School will take place at UNISC in 2017, and the second edition is scheduled for 2018, in Innsbruck.

Università Ca' Foscari Venezia (Italy)

With the purpose of enabling professors to carry out sandwich internships, as well as students to carry out post-doctoral internships, exchange of researchers, joint research and publishing, organization and participation in scientific events, in 2012 a partnership agreement with Università Ca' Foscari Venezia was signed. In November 2012, through the exchange program, it was possible for Prof. Dr. Giancarlo Corò come to Brazil and teach lectures and a course about “Economy of Small Business Systems” together with the Professional Graduate Program in Business Administration – UNISC, and Prof. Mario Volpe to give a lecture in the VI International Seminar about Regional Development, in September 2013.

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (Portugal)

The Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (FCSH) of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa - Portugal and the Graduate Program in Regional Development (in Portuguese PPGDR) - UNISC have a partnership agreement since 2016, with the objective of enabling the exchange of students, researchers, as well as the development of joint research and scientific publishing in co-authorship. The first outcomes were joint publishing, organization of a thematic dossier in Redes journal – PPGDR, and post-doctorate of a PPGDR professor at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto (Argentina)

The partnership agreement between the Graduate Program in Regional Development (in Portuguese PPGDR) – UNISC and the Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto was signed in 2015, as a result of a visit of PPGDR professors and students to the Master’s Degree in Territorial Development and Management and Doctorate in Territorial Development of Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto the year before. The objective of this partnership is to enable the academic, scientific and cultural exchange of professors and students, as well as conferences, research and joint scientific publishing. Through the partnership, professors of Río Cuarto were at PPGDR UNISC teaching lectures, and the following research project “Ciudades intermedias, recursos naturales y desarrollo sostenible: creación y puesta en marcha de una red” (Intermediate cities, natural resources and sustainable development: creation and implementation of a network) was designed, submitted and approved by the Secretariat for University Policies of the Ministry of Education of Argentina. The project is being developed by researchers of PPGDR-UNISC, Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto and Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro – Bariloche Campus. The partnership has also enabled, through joint actions, scientific publishing and joint extension courses.