Master’s Degree in Industrial Systems And Processes

Analytical Technology of Industrial Processes

Development of technologies for the acquisition of quantitative and qualitative information on chemical, physical and biological processes, in order to monitor, control and optimize their efficiency in the use of energy, time and raw materials, thus contributing to the sustainability of industrial processes. Use of analytical tools and data processing, as well as principles of clean technologies of production


Innovation and Technology in Industrial Systems and Processes

Studies of innovative ways to improve industrial systems and processes, development and use of modern technologies which impact on adding value to organizations. Promotion and encouraging of resources optimization and assistance in identifying innovative ways to design new products, processes and services. Development of new ways to find solutions to meet the demands required by the use of technology and approaches such as design thinking and design science research. Combination of knowledge from engineering, business and computing area, such as: artificial intelligence, simulation, science data, image processing, embedded systems, operational research, business models for innovation, among others.


Industrial Process Management 

Approach to advanced solutions in the industrial process management, such as: additive manufacturing system, lean and green, aiming at competitiveness, innovation and clean technologies. Management implementation in the areas of knowledge, performance indicators and sustainability based on the Triple bottom line. Improvements in industrial processes and decision-making focusing on the development of tools, systems and computing environments that perform prognoses, sustainable systems management, product and service lifecycle management, and organizational learning. Use of knowledge of process management, knowledge management, artificial intelligence, optimization algorithms in industrial processes which require quality and productivity, product development and supply chains, among others. It involves a set of modern well-known topics from the point of view of industrial management and decision-making in complex scenarios and/or systems.