Technology degree in Photography

The Technology degree in Photography offered at UNISC focuses on a hybrid learning model, emphasizing techniques that involve the operation of digital cameras and imaging processing, besides giving students an overall view of the history of photography and processes needed for film processing, bearing in mind that photographers must master the use of cameras and lenses, knowing in detail the processing techniques, amplification and analog and digital image processing.

This course trains professionals who wish to work capturing images, playing a role in which they are responsible for representing the reality they live in. The students learn how to capture images from people, landscapes, objects and historical, political, economic, sporting and social events using the knowledge and techniques related to lighting, framing and composition.

The professional photographers will be able to understand basic photography concepts, its variations, and digital photography. They will also use their skills and competencies to develop activities related to journalistic coverage, documentaries and activities in the commercial field.They are able to work inside studios, photographing models for media reports, billboard ads, and advertising campaigns for magazines, newspapers or website.