Social Communication – Public Relations

Regarding to the Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, the professional who graduates at UNISC will be able to develop activities for companies, governments, political parties, industries, hospitals, universities, schools, hotels, military units, advertising agencies, digital agencies, communication advisors, besides several other entities which would require professional assistance to manage communication processes with different audiences. Moreover, because of their expertise on business and governmental relationships, these professionals may also manage social networks.

Alumni in this field of knowledge are able to work with communication, establishing dialogue between organizations and their audience and focusing on their mutual understanding. This course prepares professionals with enough skills to assist leaders of public and private institutions in public relations practices, informing and guiding them on how to shape public opinion, and thus, creating a bound between institutions and community. Furthermore, these professionals have skills that allow them to conduct different researches and audits, elaborate strategic plans on institutional communication, besides supervising and evaluating their results.