Geography – Teaching degree

The main goal of the teaching degree in Geography offered at UNISC is training professionals who will be able to develop teaching, research and extension activities, besides contributing, competently, for the understanding of constantly changing geographical spaces – objects and social and natural processes. Thus, the course understands Geography, Human and Social Sciences as co-occurrences of social processes and natural configurations, conceived and seized by the society and visible in the territory. For this purpose, the students’ training is based on strong practices in the Humanities field, creating possibilities to identify, analyze and understand social processes and relations between nature and society. The students focus their studies in issues coming from local, national and world realities, as well as mastering and applying technologies that are essential for the globalization process.

Therefore, this undergraduate course is ready to train professionals who will work as Geography teachers in Middle and High Schools, as well as being part of research and/or extension groups in Geography and other related fields.