Agricultural Engineering

The bachelor´s degree in Agricultural Engineering graduates professionals with great scientific and technological knowledge who will be able to work in several agricultural fields including: productive agro-chains, rural construction and ambience building (structural design, agricultural exploitation units design, micro-climate control and rural sanitations), water and soil (irrigation and drainage projects, water resources, soil and water conservation), rural energization (use of electricity in rural areas, design and implementation of electrical power supply systems, alternative power sources), agricultural mechanization (designing, testing and adapting motors and agricultural machines, boosting the use of farming implements and machinery), handling agricultural products (designing, sizing, and selecting equipments in order to handle agricultural products in agro industry units), rural planning and development (identifying, evaluating and integrating socioeconomic issues, technology and environmental issues when planning and managing rural properties). Thus, the professional who studies Agricultural Engineering at UNISC becomes an innovative person capable of planning, designing, carrying out and coordinating production processes, and working on the research and development of new technologies to improve agricultural and agro industrial activities.