Biological Sciences – Bachelor´s degree

The bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences offered at UNISC is rooted in holistic and integrative concepts, which help the institution to train professionals to have strong theoretical and practical knowledge; be engaged on improving the quality of life and the environment around them;be dedicated to research; pursuit new skills and expertise for problem-solving.

Biologists graduated at UNISC are able to perform very complex theoretical and scientific activities, which may include: Teaching, Planning, Supervising, Coordinating and Performing tasks related to Studies, Researches, Projects, Consultancies, Issuing technical reports and giving technical and scientific advice in fields related to biological sciences. They are continuously encouraged to develop further studies and researches on the Origin, Evolution, Morphological and Anatomical structures, Physiology, Ecology, Classification, Phylogeny and other aspects related to different forms of life, in order to build knowledge over their features, behavior and other meaningful information about the environment and living things. The professional may also work in studies, researches and lab tests regarding parasitology, microbiology and immunology.

This undergraduate course also trains and enables biologists to research in fields like Histology, Cytology, Pathology, Anatomy, Genetics, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Human Embryology and Physiology, manufacturing Phytotherapic products, Epidemiology of infectious diseases, Vector Controls and Basic sanitation techniques, as well as topics related to protecting, eradicating, handling and improving the environment and its organisms, besides Environmental Education.