Social Communication - Advertising

Those who earn a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication – Advertising course offered at UNISC will be able to plan, create and bring off advertising campaigns. The action field is comprehensive, that is why professionals in this field may work inside marketing departments, advertising and communication agencies and digital agencies, developing sales promotion, market research, communication consulting and other related activities. It is worth mentioning that Brazil is the world's fifth largest advertising market and the largest one in Latin America.

Advertising professionals are also able to plan commercial and institutional advertising campaigns; create informative messages;producing advertisements for printed media; manage advertising investments made by clients; identify and understand customers’ desires and the factors that lead them to prefer certain products, services or brands instead of others; research for the development of new brands; be able to correlate their profession with others, having an overall perspective of society, in order to ensure that the advertising activities become a way of improving society’s quality of life.