Executive Secretarial

The main goal of the bachelor´s degree in Executive Secretarial offered at UNISC is enabling professionals to apply high-level skills related to secretarial duties, business management, information technology resources and foreign languages, in order to improve management processes.This undergraduate course is proud to train professionals to be capable individuals and free citizens who will contribute to the development of a sympathetic society. For this purpose, it offers students a flexible curriculum, great infrastructure, qualified teachers and encourages students to participate in seminars and extension activities, as well as the developing scientific researches.

Throughout the course, students develop technical competences, interpersonal communication, professional ethics, creativity, self-motivation, holistic view and entrepreneurial spirit. The course graduates own professional skills and competencies to work in the field of expression and communication resources; management advisory; exercising innovative management activities, holding a wide knowledge on planning, organizing, controlling, directing their activities, establishing their own methods and managing their time and workspace; receptivity and leadership when performing teamwork; being critical and analytical when solving problems and managing information.