Mathematics – Teaching degree

The teaching course in Mathematics offered at UNISC aims at training human resources focused on teaching and developing skills and competencies in students, especially the ones regarding mathematics and forming social agents. For this purpose, the course trains professionals who have, at the same time, knowledge on this specific field of expertise and an overview of the sociocultural context the students are inserted in. Consequently, the teacher will be able to see these students as human beings that belong to a context, understand mathematical concepts and meanings and gifted with critical thinking and an innovative spirit.

The ones who graduate from the teaching degree in Mathematics are also able to work outside the academic environment, in fields which abstract thinking is essential. So, the course has structured its curriculum in such a way it offers the prospective teacher a deep knowledge of specific subjects. This helps improving the quality of the work they perform and make the use of mathematics indispensable. The course aims at having a continuous learning process where professionals can face challenges coming from the swift transformations of our society, job market and conditions for a good professional activity.