History – Teaching degree

The teaching degree in History offered at UNISC enables professionals to perform teaching and research activities considering economic, political, social and cultural extents. The professional graduated here has large expertise on both historic and educational knowledge, practices that are essential for researches and publications that will meet social demands coming from this field of expertise, working as a teacher in Middle and High Schools, preserving historical and cultural heritage, besides giving professional advice to public and private bodies.

Therefore, the professional must be able to understand the meaning historic elements have, setting them in time and space and recognizing all the complexity involved in their processes. The expert must be able to live in the present, understanding the eventualities of the contemporary world and recognizing the major scientific, philosophical, social and historical transformations human groups have gone through. He/She must be able to establish coherent, sequential or synchronic temporal relations between different landmarks, recognizing the existence of complex cultural, economic, political and social injunctions that support and enable the emergence of such events.