Chemistry – Teaching degree

The teaching course in Chemistry offered at UNISC aims at training professionals to work as Sciences and Chemistry teachers in Middle and High schools, in public or private institutions. The training focuses on empowering the students to develop didactic, educational and administrative duties, with skills and knowledge coming from their academic training and setting themselves, politically and ethically, as social transformation agents. This is a theoretical-practical course that prepares professionals according to the National Education Policy, consistent with assessment systems and deep thinking on practices related to teaching-learning processes.

Students are challenged on their interests, skills and competencies to bear a social commitment in training ethical citizens who will commit to diminish social gaps and keep them in line with technological progresses, revitalizing the role played by teachers integrally – train, inform and prepare citizens for the modern life.

Students taking this undergraduate course count with an infrastructure of over 30 laboratories, where theory is linked to practice through experiments and exercises, students are introduced to teaching practices and have the support of a skilled group of over 20 professors who own Master´s or Doctoral degrees. This same environment is available to continuing education courses, also benefiting former students and any other teaching professional who wants to enlarge skills on Science/Chemistry teaching processes.