Production Engineering

The undergraduate course in Production Engineering focuses on training professionals capable of performing technical and economic feasibility studies, planning, supervising, advising, evaluating and developing technical reports in the production engineering field. It also encourages the students to build an entrepreneurial spirit, becoming professionals that can run their own businesses. Moreover, this undergraduate course focuses on training professionals who will be leaders and promoters of our productive and social relations.

The course curriculum was built in such a way it enables professionals to perform tasks related to teaching, researching, testing and spreading technical knowledge. It also helps them to develop the skills they need to supervise construction works, guide working teams, measure and control quality levels and build facilities, generating higher productivity and effectiveness in the industrial field.

Besides the great quality of its laboratories, UNISC also promotes scientific research and keeps several partnerships with city halls, SENAI (National Service for Industrial Training), SESI (Industrial Social Service), ACI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and other public bodies.These partnerships aim at training professionals capable of meeting demands from small and medium business companies, helping them to get stronger inside the market. Furthermore, this undergraduate course has built partnerships that allow the students to access internships, exchanging programs and international training programs.