Mechanical Engineering

The undergraduate course in Mechanical Engineering offered at UNISC trains engineers who are able to design components, machinery, mechanical equipment and industrial processes, besides organizing and dealing with the steps inside manufacturing, assembly, operation and maintenance processes. The program of study focuses on searching for solutions that would keep users comfortable and fulfilled. It also focuses on safety, well-being and environment protection.

One of the main goals of the Mechanical Engineering course is to enable Mechanical Engineers to perform, with appropriateness, all activities regarding technical procedures in mechanical manufacturing, as well as the correct use of facilities, equipments and resources earmarked for this specialized production. The course focuses on training ethical and humanistic personnel capable of understanding the society’s needs and solve problems related to mechanical technology.

In order to earn this degree from UNISC, professionals must develop a critical spirit and knowledge that will meet the industry’s needs, always emphasizing regional and national development and the technological independence of the country.