Technology in Cosmetic & Aesthetic

The Technology Course in Cosmetics and Aesthetics aims at meeting demands from an important growing field: Aesthetics and Cosmetics.This course trains professionals with a differentiated profile able to work in the aesthetics and beauty fields, since they will build theoretical and practical backgrounds in order to perform the correct use of techniques, equipments and beauty products. When developing skills and competencies through critical thinking training, aesthetic practices and personal embellishment, the course trains them to manage business in this field, always focusing on marketing and quality.

Moreover, the course curriculum wants, through scientific and technological knowledge, to develop skills and attitudes that would allow professionals to perform face, body and hair procedures. Professionals trained in Cosmetics and Aesthetics have access to cosmetic formulas available in the market and learn how to apply them properly during individual aesthetic procedures. As a result, some essential skills and competencies for the professionals who graduate from this course may include: knowing, planning and carrying out biosafety principles and practices; managing and organizing beauty salons and SPAs in a strategic and entrepreneurial way; applying skin cleansing and makeup techniques during facial aesthetic procedures by using equipments and materials that fit each aesthetic procedure; applying cosmetics through massages and techniques that will ensure better absorption and results;ensuring efficiency of all equipments and materials used, paying attention to safety measures and side effects of the products used.This way, the professionals will be able to change reality around them, mostly because of their knowledge in promoting personal and collective self-esteem, improving quality of life and benefiting society.