UNISC’s undergraduate course in Nutrition aims to train generalist nutritionists that will be responsible, understand human beings entirely and have great skills in Nutrition Science, so they can build a critical insight about the social, economic, political and cultural reality they are inserted in and, thus, develop technical activities based on scientific and ethical concepts, promoting, maintaining and recovering individual and collective health and improving quality of life. For this purpose, the course trains professionals with skills and competence to work with the educative and interventional aspects of food and nutritional assistance to individuals or groups, in such a way they can improve integration between institution and society through the implementation of research and extension projects and contributing to the scientific and technological development and improving professional skills of local nutritionists.

Those who graduate from Nutrition will be able to perform interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary team work in the Food and Nutrition fields, concentrating on human right to food, food safety, attention to diets and health, besides promoting quality of life. As transformation agents, these professionals will focus on nutrition concepts, face and promote new scientific and technological challenges after identifying and solving individual or/and collective problems in every activity related to clinical nutrition, social nutrition, and collective food services based on important parameters of the social, political, economical and cultural situation.