Architecture and Urban Design

The Architecture and Urban Design undergraduate course offered at UNISC aims at training professionals to elaborate architectural and urban projects comprehending the human habitat. On top of that, they must find different, creative, realistic and eco-friendly solutions.

The entire training process is based on local technological conditions. This allows students to match their theoretical knowledge on Architecture and Urban Design to local features.

This undergraduate course works toward:

  • Giving the professional tools for the development of creative, technical and technological projects bounded between theory and practice.
  • Encouraging students to keep an interdisciplinary approach over architectural spaces, understanding them as co-existence spaces for different social subjects.
  • Ensuring that professionals will have an appropriate training to make them conscious of their role as creators and inventors in society.
  • Motivating students to be passionate about scientific research, practicing it and having a critical attitude when searching for new concepts, technologies, computer projects, materials and different application methods, always keeping in mind the quality of the environment and human life.
  • Raising awareness about the importance of continuing education as a necessary attitude for continuous update on the evolution ofArchitecture and Urban Design.