UNISC’s Dentistry undergraduate course aims to train dental surgeons through a solid generalist, humanist, critical and reflexive training based on technical and scientific accuracy and guided by ethics and sympathy, thus they can promote oral health in all levels.

The professionals graduated at UNISC are able to work as generalist dental surgeons and are capable of meeting needs related to preventing, healing and, mainly, promoting and preserving individual and collective oral health. The student himself will develop skills and competencies regarding health care, communication, decision making, management, leadership and continuing education.

UNISC’s undergraduate course in Dentistry offers scholars an excellent supporting infrastructure, including a Dental Clinic built with all teaching, operational and physical resources needed for the course. The course focuses on developing preventive activities and includes subjects as Collective Health in Dentistry which offers practices in health promotion and education in different life cycles.Practicing activities are developed within the community. Pediatric dentistry also focuses on prevention when assisting community inside the Children’s Integrated Clinic. Local and regional communities are the focus of all assistance given at UNISC’s dentistry clinics. Thus, community integration has always been the base for a course aiming at training professionals skilled in applying biological and ethical principles when solving health problems.