Chemistry – Bachelor´s degree – Focus on Industrial Chemistry

The undergraduate course in Chemistry focuses on Industrial Chemistry. The program trains professionals to perform several activities and functions inside industrial fields and suiting the job market. The occupation is flexible and it offers great opportunities for job growth such as Business management positions – giving emphasis to chemical and physicochemical quality controls – monitoring of industrial processes and production of processed goods.

The professional who graduates from Chemistry will develop activities previously set by the Professional Council. Some of them may include: operating and giving maintenance to equipment and installations; performing technical tasks; managing and controlling operations inside industrial processes and technical activities; making repairs and giving maintenance; researching and developing processing projects; and performing technical and economic feasibility studies.

Moreover, the course enables professionals to perform tasks regarding to the chemical treatment of water that will be used in industries or distributed to the population, handling of waste or industrial waste, and processing and management of waste. The industrial chemist may be an entrepreneur; promoter or sales manager of products and equipments linked to chemical industry and trade, or even invest in projects linked to this field.

This course offers a great infrastructure and a highly specialized teaching staff. The buildings are prepared with labs where the students will train how to recognize materials, develop new products, safely handle substances, and practice chemical transformations, and other physicochemical procedures belonging to this career.