Humanism, Democracy, and the Community Ideal Are Marks of UNISC

Santa Cruz do Sul University (UNISC) is a young institution, which has learned in few years as an university how to take firm steps towards social inclusion, searching for determination and ethics to overcome challenges in benefit of collectivity, using science and technology and, especially, willpower to carry out.

As a producing and socializing of knowledge institution, our commitment is also to contribute for the building of a new social model, founded on the ideals of justice and equality. At the beginning of a new millennium, in which the secular humanism comes up against the rules of globalized and virtual capitalism, we have, more than ever, the challenge of keeping as the place of knowledge, of humanism and of discussion of the great purposes of the human being. The higher education institutions cannot summarize themselves to the satisfaction of the market demands. The training of qualified and competent professionals is just a part of the commitment which we have taken on. We are the main character in this process of social transformation, because only with the ethics, the humanism and trans-disciplinary ideal we will keep among the great education and searching institutions of nowadays. If one of the biggest challenges of higher education nowadays is the integral training of man, another is the inclusion of more citizens in higher education.

We are constantly searching for partnerships which make alternatives possible for the improvement of life quality of the regional community population, in several areas. It is necessary excel, especially, in the quality of the service rendered.

In this way, we put at the student's disposal the best in terms of infrastructure and human resources. Every year, we inaugurate new laboratories, classrooms and equipments and increase our libraries' collection. Our teachers continue searching for new qualification in the highest degree, reinforcing the position of the university as one with the state's best rates of titles. The teaching staff of the institution, formed by 80% of Masters or Doctors, proves this assertion.

We are committed to the social justice and open to the dynamic reality of society, because the humanism, the democracy and the community ideal are marks of our Institution. More than producing knowledge, we aim at the training of free and capable citizens, because we believe in the construction of a solidary society. We want to build, from UNISC, the place of equality where there are no walls for the being and the knowledge.


Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul


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