Thematic symposium proposals


Workshop submissions ( by PPGL/Unisc students)


from May 21st to June 28th, 2021

Submission of communication and poster proposals (within the symposiums) through the website

from June 28th to August 15th, 2021

Evaluation of communication and poster proposals

Letters / emails  of acceptance


from August 15th to September 1st, 2021

Registration of symposium coordinators, communication and poster presenters

from September 1st to 10th, 2021

Registration of co-authors of works accepted

until September 17th, 2021

Registration of general public

until September 17th, 2021



There are five modes of participation in this event:
A - Thematic Symposium Coordinator
B - Workshop presenter
C - Communication presenter / Co-author in the Thematic Symposium
D - Poster presenter
E - General public

A - Thematic Symposium Coordinator

The submission of proposals of Thematic Symposium must be done by two doctoral professors, from different universities. To be approved in the Thematic Symposium, coordinator professors must submit an abstract of the proposal to the email: The proposals must contain title, abstract, (between 1000 and 1200 characters, 3 to 5 keywords), proponent’s degree, institution and must be included in one of the sub themes made available by the event. (For more information, see Symposium Tab)

The Thematic Symposium proposed will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee and, once approved, will be part of the event's schedule.

Once finished the symposium proposals submission deadline and approved symposium list released, it will be opened the registration to oral communication and Thematic Symposium.

Thematic Symposium coordinators attributions:
(i) the selection of submitted works to the Thematic Symposium and the acceptance send to the bidders
(ii) the distribution of oral communication between the days September 15th to 17th, 2021 (up to 12 communication, including the bidders one)
(iii) the release of approved works to the commission, through the event's email
(iv) the communication presentation in your symposium

B - Workshop presenter

The workshop proposals might be done by doctoral and master professors (individually or in pairs) students and/or egresses of the Post Graduate Program in Modern Languages from UNISC (PPGL), with the aim of sharing techniques, abilities, knowledge, methodologies, arts, etc., applied to education and research. Each workshop will be an hour long and it will receive up to 30 participants. In the submission moment, you must send an abstract, in Portuguese or English or Spanish (between 1000 and 1200 characters, 3 to 5 keywords) making it clear the proposal and the materials needed, as well as the target audience. The proposals will be evaluated by the scientific commission and once accepted will be part of the event's schedule. The workshop proposals must be submitted to the Colloquium email up to June 28th.

C - Communication presenter

The oral communication in Thematic Symposium is reserved to presenters holding doctoral, master’s or specialist’s degrees, as well as to graduate students (stricto sensu).

Each communication will be 15 minutes long. By the end of the session, there will be a 30-minute debate.

To present a communication in a Thematic Symposium, the presenter must submit an abstract (between 1000 and 1200 characters, 3 to 5 keywords).

Note: Certificates will only be granted to authors who present their communications.

D - Poster presenter

The presentation of posters in the Thematic Symposiums is reserved to students and alumni of undergraduate programs. The poster presentation will be oral and should last 10 minutes. Posters will be presented at the beginning of sessions of the Thematic Symposium applied for.

To present a poster, the participant must submit an abstract (between 1000 and 1200 characters, 3 to 5 keywords).

Presenters must record their presentation on video (up to 5 minutes).


Note: Certificates will only be granted to authors who present their posters.

E - General Public

The general public is allowed to register without presentation of work. This category is open for registration of: school teachers, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students and the general public.


Attention: REGISTRATIONS are INDIVIDUAL, so in case of co-authorship each author must pay for his/her own registration individually. If an author does not pay for the registration, his/her name will not be included in the abstract booklet, and s/he will not receive a certificate and other conference materials.




Up to September 5th, 2021

Between September 6th and 10th, 2021

Professors (Doctoral degree)



Doctorate/Master’s students



Specialization Students



Undergraduate  students



General public



UNISC's professors and students (certificate fee)



Note: The general public may register until the date of the event.