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The English Teacher Internship UNISC (ETI-UNISC) Program aims at offering foreign students from English-speaking countries, who are majoring Teaching Degree, to perform a practical internship on teaching English and English culture at UNISC (Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul) as part of their academic qualification.

Place of Internship:

The internship will take place at UNISC main campus, located in Santa Cruz do Sul, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, southern region of Brazil. More specifically at CELINC (Language and Culture Center).

Proposed activities for exchange students

  • Teach advanced classes – 45 hours with each group – apart from potential groups for conversation classes throughout  the whole internship period;
  • Go through a supervised internship, attending classes at the Language and Culture Center and undergraduate courses, where exchange students and teachers/professors will be able to exchange experiences.
  • Participate in other activities, including classes in progress at the different levels offered by the Language and Culture Center, as well as participating in workshops and other cultural activities offered during the period.

*The supervised internship course load is composed of: 6 hours of lectures before the beginning of the activities – 2h/class in the undergraduate program and 4h at CELINC.

  • Teaching hours: divided into classroom and debates with the full professor.
  • Participation in classes of other teachers - number of hours according to the pedagogical approach of each group/teacher.

Activity hours

The exchange student will develop activities for 20 hours a week, and in some weeks, the workload may be higher, however this will be compensated with days off. The daily hour limit and duration will be determined according to specific demands in the internship field while the intern is at CELINC, and according to the necessity of academic internship of the applicant's origin institution.

Pedagogical support

The project consists of having a teacher from the Language and Culture Center in charge of supervising the intern. This teacher will provide guidance on planning, evaluation, and teaching classes for the entire internship period.

Proposed period:

From March 1st to December 20th, 2017.
When applying, the foreign student should state the period of interest, which will be evaluated by the Program´s coordination. 
*UNISC establishes a minimum period of three months and a maximum of ten months. 


One (1) opening.

UNISC/Language and Culture Center offers:

  • A place with appropriate infrastructure for the participants to be able to work and organize their classroom material.
  • Homestay with breakfast and dinner included, and three meals on the weekends.
  • Lunch from Monday to Friday in restaurants registered at Unisc Campus.
  • Public transportation tickets (city buses), if necessary to travel home-to-university and back. 
  • Allowance for living expenses in the total amount of R$500.00 (five hundred Reais)
  • A 45 hour-course of Brazilian Portuguese, free of charge, at the Language and Culture Center, to be taken with other foreign students who are at UNISC. The course will be offered during CELINC's academic year.

UNISC/CELINC does not offer the following items, so the expenses must be covered by the students:

  • Fees and charges for visa, airplane tickets and health insurance;
  • Fees and charges for legalizing documents in Brazil (CPF - Individual Taxpayer Registry, Foreign ID Card (RNE), etc.);
  • Personal expenses with leisure, traveling, and shopping;
  • The internship is not a paid activity.

Application requirements:

  • Be a native, citizen or student in an English-speaking country with English as the first official language;
  • Be an undergraduate student (Teaching degree or related area);
  • Present a letter of intent to join the program.