International Students

The weather in South Brazil, where UNISC is located, features four well defined seasons with varied temperatures throughout the year. 

December, January and February are usually very hot, dry and sunny months.

From March to November, temperatures are unpredictable and may change quickly throughout the day, going from cold mornings to warm afternoons, for example.

Winter is very humid and cold. There are no heating systems inside the houses, what makes it essential to wear warm clothes the entire time, including in indoor environments and at bed time.



September, 22nd – December, 21st

December, 22nd – March, 21st

Low temperatures around10º C

Low temperatures around20º C

High temperatures around40º C

High temperatures around38º C



March, 22nd – June, 21st

June, 22nd – September, 21st

Low temperatures around10º C

Low temperatures around0º C

High temperatures around28º C

High temperatures around22º C