International Students

There are restaurants at the University offering a wide variety of traditional Brazilian food and fast food places offering on the go snacks and fast food. There are also some options around the Campus.

There are two shopping malls in Santa Cruz, where people can go shopping and have a meal at their food courts. The malls are Max Shopping Center  and Shopping Santa. Besides the malls, there are two international food chains with stores downtown, Subway and McDonalds.

It is worth mentioning that in Brazil the main meal of the day is lunch and it is usually served at noon.

Moreover, many restaurants offer a variety of meats, salads, vegetables and fresh fruit through buffet services. Prices are per weight and may vary according to individual consumption, reason why most Brazilians choose to have lunch at these restaurants.

The most traditional food in the state of Rio Grande do Sul is Churrasco (barbecue), which is made of several cuts of meat.