International Students

Before you arrive: 

Student Visa

You must have a Student Visa to study in a Brazilian Educational Institution. Students with no Visa cannot be accepted or registered at UNISC.For more information about student visas, please visit the website of the Embassy of Brazil in your home country and consult the documents needed for your visa and other instructions that may apply. For further information, please visit:


Medical Assistance

Brazil provides locals and foreigners with the Unified Health System, but medical care services offered have shortcomings. Thus, every foreign student must present to UNISC a document showing they have Medical Insurance (with repatriation coverage) for their entire stay.

After arriving:

CPF ‚Äď Brazilian Social Security Card


To have the document made, you will need your passport and address in Brazil with zip code.

1¬ļ: You must go to a Postal Office (Correios) to request the document and pay a specific fee.

2¬ļ: You must go to the closest Federal Revenue Office (Receita Federal) and take the request given to you at the post office.

Foreigner’s Registration

You must follow these steps to get your Foreigners Registration ‚Äď RNE issued:

  1. Please visit and fill the form available under the option ‚ÄúRequerer Registro / Renova√ß√£o‚ÄĚ. Save the form you have just filled out by pressing SALVAR and, then, print it.

You will now have to schedule an interview. Please check if there is any available time and day by clicking ‚ÄúVerifique aqui se existe agenda dispon√≠vel‚ÄĚ and, then, type the request code available in your printed form.

IMPORTANT: You should only go to the Federal Police Office at the time and day scheduled for you.

  1. Original and copy (or certified copy) of your VALID Passport (make copies of the pages you have used only) or VALID Identity Card (for students coming from MERCOSUL countries only).
  2. Original Visa Application Form (filled at the Brazilian Consulate in your home country).
  3. Original and copy (or certified copy) of your Entry Card. In case you mislay this card, you must make a declaration stating day, city/state and mean of transportation you have used to enter the Country (sample available at any police station).
  4. Two (02) Passport pictures (3x4 cm). Your pictures must be in color and taken in front of a plain white background.
  5. Original and copy (or certified copy) of the Identity Card of your Brazilian or Foreign spouse (this document is requested for registration purposes only based on the Visa issued abroad for Brazilian or foreign spouse dependants).
  6. Payment receipt of R$64.58 (code 140082) related to the Registration Fee and payment receipt of R$124.23 (code 140120) for the Issuing Fee for the first copy of the CIE document. You must go online and visit to print both fee slips (link GRU, link GRU-FUNAPOL, link GRU for foreign people and organizations). Please remember to select collecting unit of Santa Cruz do Sul by choosing Delegacia de Polícia Federal em Santa Cruz do Sul.



If the Foreigner’s Registration is not requested within 30 days after arriving in Brazil, there will be a fee for each late day. Notice of violation and late fee receipt will be attached to your process.

If you want to EXTEND your stay in Brazil (some Visas are non-extendable ‚Äď for more information, read your Visa slip), you should apply at least 30 days before your status expires. Fines may apply to applications submitted after this deadline and before Visa expiration date.